Thursday, February 03, 2005

How Odd

It's weird to realize that people, other than my close friends, read this thing from time to time. Apparently my thoughts on racism hit a few nerves. Great! I love a good debate. I wonder how my "On Racism, Part 2" will be received. It's in the works!

It's interesting to ponder what the one dimensional Bo must look like in their minds eye? Am I tall or short? Fat or skinny? White, black, asian, hispanic, or other? Do I wear pink shirts with orange polka dots? Educated or uneducated? (Wait, don't answer that last question. Based on my horrid punctuation and spelling I'm sure I know the answer to that one.)

I wonder.

Things that make you go 'hmmmmmmm'. (I'm so dating myself.)


cackmandu said...

Can't wait for Part 2. I am sure that I can muster up some ignorant to post again. I must admit that I have put very little thought to what the authors life is all about! I have found that you have a way to make people think. Maybe thats a little deeper than you planned on with Part 1 or even the purpose of your whole blog. I don't care! I really enjoy your musing on life and what you have to say. I plan to stick around if you don't mind?

ned said...

I think I like the new greeny display. And I liked your update list, you are such a do-er - you rock!

foo said...

Very cool new template, although you still need to put a faux-photo on the right for your user info.