Friday, February 18, 2005

Why I am the way I am

For all of my parents' insanity, they are amazingly wonderful people (although this doesn't discount their mental instability) and still amazingly in love with each other. This year marks their 35th wedding anniversary!!! They still hug and kiss and say nice things about each other. They also do other sickeningly sweet things for and to each other. Very unique for an asian couple of a certain generation...but then again, they are unique people.

Take for instance this past week. My mother got very sick on Tuesday and had to stay home from work for a few days. She wasn't eating much. My dad, knowing that my mother's one weakness in the world is a certain type of cake sold in a special Korean bakery, picked up two HUGE cakes on the way home to try and entice her to eat something. He did it by his own volition and the cakes aren't cheap. Not exactly the most practical thing to feed someone when they are still sick, but utterly sweet and kind none the less.

I've said this before but I'll say it again, I'm a lucky girl. (Even when they are constantly haranguing me about something.)

No wonder I'm still single. I can't possibly find a mate that can live up to the standards my parents have set.

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