Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The goings on of my goings on...

I realize that one of the goals of this here site was to keep you informed about the goings on of my goings on...and lately I've only been ranting and raving and being quite narcassistic...so here are a few tidbits about what I've been up to.

> Still waiting to close on the apartment. Apparently, based on advise from other home owners, the process I've gone through is completely typical.
> Still volunteering with Dress for Success...I like it a lot!
> Currently in talks to maybe join the Board of Directors for a couple of prominent dance companies/dance-music oriented non-profits. If I get these, I'll let you know.
> Spoke to a reporter for Glamour magazine in late Dec. (work related) I think the article is supposed to come out in their April or May issue. I'll keep you posted.
> Enjoyed visits from a multitude of CA friends! You guys are fun!
> Saw an interesting art exhibit at the ICP examining whiteness (as in the race.)
> Indulged in Fall and Winter...Yeah seasons!
> Realized that I have the capability to not run away when I get scared.
> Tried to rationalize why I should purchase those cute red and cream flats by Charles & David...oh bother, who am I kidding...of course I bought them! But can you believe it...I purchased flats...well, not real flats. But the heel is only 1.5 inches!
> Flew to LA, gave a work related speech, and flew back to NYC all within the span of 21 hours!
> Filmed a PSA (but you already knew that!)
> Held a headstand for 15 minutes!!!
> Got a poem published...but you'll probably never actually see it anywhere it counts.
> Applied to two writing fellowships/scholarships and am still waiting to hear back about both...I'm sure I'll be rejected.
> Joined a choir.
> Joined a writers workshop.
> Considering actually finishing my MFA - I know, you're all probably thinking "She's still doing that?"

Over the next couple of weeks/next month, I'm hoping to:
> Finally select a closing date on the apartment.
> Party with the beautiful Ms K.Lo on her 30th! Oh, and see that fellow she's always dragging along. ;-)
> Hear back from the writing fellowship folks.
> Do my taxs.
> Do some more painting and writing and photographing.
> Figure out a way to not put y'all to sleep as you read this.

Should I just abandon this format and revert back to putting minute by minute accounts of my conversations with my mom?


foo said...

I like the format. It reminds me that i do jack shit! ;)

Bo said...

Eeeh...don't sweat it. Just think of it way, you're probably far more psychologically stable then I am. Isn't it completely obvious by now that all my activity is actually just over-compensation for something.

klo said...

I do love the way you blog your conversations with your ma! Makes me laugh on a rotten grey day here in London!

I like your to do list. Inspiring!